Contact Us – OB Gynae in Shah Alam


Your initial fertility consultation visit at the Glenmarie Fertility Clinic is usually about 1 hour in duration. You should therefore allow around one to two hours for your first appointment. This will give us time to go through your registration form and medical history with you thoroughly.

At the first consultation you will meet with our fertility consultant, Dr Sharad, who will complete a detailed review of your medical history. Our consultant is an experienced specialist in fertility, gynaecology and IVF. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions and discuss your concerns with the consultant.

If you have had previous investigations elsewhere do bring these test results along with you to your first appointment here. Otherwise, we will arrange your initial scan, blood tests and a semen analysis (if applicable) at your first appointment. This means that it should be possible for you to start having treatment straight away without the need for a follow-up consultation.

The consultant will complete a detailed review of you and your partner’s medical history and discuss your pelvic ultrasound scan results and semen analysis report.

Following the review of your medical history and results, the specialist will advise you on your fertility and the treatment options that you may need to consider and discuss these with you in detail.

This is a good time to ask any questions that you might have about your results and the treatments you have been recommended. We understand that a large amount of medical information may be overwhelming and difficult to comprehend so the specialist will do their best to help you understand your results and the treatment options available.

After your treatment plan has been agreed by the consultant, a member of our nursing team will go through it with you, either during your first appointment or at a follow-up appointment (whichever is more convenient for you), so you know exactly what to expect during your visits to the centre.